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The Case for Athletes, Admissions Transparency, and the American Dream: the Varsity Blues Scandal

For decades, the ultra-wealthy have paid to increase their children’s chances at the elite colleges. College libraries, gymnasiums, science centers, and dormitories carry the name of folks who gave 2, 5, or 10+ million dollars to help lubricate their student’s admission. I am totally okay with this.  With less than .025 of the population having […]

The New York Times recently published the results of an investigation of the TM Landry Preparatory School in rural Louisiana.  What the NYT found was systemic lying on behalf of the administration and students to help increase the students’ chances in the uber-selective Ivy admissions process. (You can read about it here.)  Students were asked […]

The Case for Ending the Beginning

Winston Churchill once said, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning.”  Churchill was not speaking about High School graduation, but he could have been. For months now, we’ve been talking about college admissions. Statistics and demographics, essays and […]

The Case for Straight Talk

“You will not be accepted to this college.”   Harsh words to hear from your college counselor. Especially one whom you have hired. Harsh, but necessary. Sometimes, students want to apply to a college to which they have no hopes of gaining admission. (Let me be clear, many students could be successful at every college […]

The case for Laundry Independence

Recently, I was approached to speak about College Readiness. Parents asked me a number of questions about finances and academic skills. At the end of the discussion, I was asked by the moderator.what is the one thing you wish every child knew before they went off to college?” “What is the one thing you wish […]