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The Case For and Against Early Decision

The longest period of time for any high school student is the moment between hitting send on the application and the “ping” of email with your decision attached. One way of reducing that time waiting is to apply to a school early decision. It’s not for everyone, but it can be a great tool for […]

MIND THE GAP, part one: How the Gap between High School Graduation and College Admissions Curriculum Requirements Can Affect your Child’s Chances of Acceptance

Recently, I received a frantic phone call from a client’s mother. She was trying to make sense out of two completely conflicting pieces of information- one from her son’s high school, the other from me. Her son, Sergio is a bright and witty soon to be 11th grader at a well -respected Midwestern public high […]

The Case for Persistence as a Teachable Skill

My kids were lucky. They had some great teachers throughout their high school years. My oldest still corrects everything for syntax errors on a regular basis due to her 11th grade English teacher. My youngest can remember the political leanings of Spain throughout the early 20th century through an interpretative dance taught by her 11th/12th […]

An Open Letter to College Admissions Offices from Anchor Collegiate:

The admissions season is almost upon us. As an Independent Educational Consultant specializing in College Admissions, I work with quite a few military-connected children: Children of Veterans, Children of National Guardsmen, Children of Military Retirees, Military Contractors living abroad, and the Governmental Agencies whose job is to support the Military. These students are just like […]