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The Case for Struggling

I was on the phone today with a client whose smart and capable 11th-grade daughter struggled a little last year in one of her classes. Her mother was happy she struggled, the student? Not so much. I spoke with another student client who said to me, “I don’t want to take math my senior year […]

The Case for Letting Go

I was totally unprepared to take my younger daughter back to college this year. She was asked, last minute, to return to school 2 weeks earlier than planned to assume a leadership role on campus vacated by another student. I am now scrambling around, trying to find all the sheets and towels, books and posters […]

The Case for Moving On: Waitlisted

Recently, I ran into a parent of a senior. (As in all small communities, there are no secrets- and what I do for a living is well known.)This parent Doris* and her student, Natasha* are not my clients, but she asked me for some advice about her daughter. You see, Natasha had applied to 9 […]

The Case Against Empty Promises in Fancy Envelopes

A few years ago, I received an email from an acquaintance’s son. He had been “nominated” for an “Ambassador” program promising a cultural and educational experience traveling through Europe for 3 weeks. This young man was looking for donations from friends and family towards the cost of his trip- which was over $5000. Again, a […]

Deferral: A Case of Sitting in Limbo

(I apologize for not posting since November. With College Admissions deadlines, my first priority was to my clients and family. Posts will resume with regularity. mea culpa.) Recently one of my clients, Valentina*, received not one, but two, deferrals in the same day. Pointless to state, it was a rough and emotional few hours. It […]

The Case Against Cheating: What We Can Learn from China

Recently, the Educational Testing Board, administers of the SAT, reported that there was enough evidence to consider that there had been widespread, international, cheating on the SAT taken on October 11th. Enough evidence, in fact, to delay the release of scores to thousands of test takers in China and Korea. Students in those countries were […]

The Case for Managing Expectations

I sat with Theresa1 the other day at a local coffee shop and watched the stress ooze from her pores.  At the tail end of a spectacular four year academic sprint through High School, she was completely and utterly convinced that she was not going to get into Princeton.  Her bone fides? A four page […]

The Case for Affinity, Yield and the SAT Questionnaire

Autumn is a busy time for College Counselors in general, and for Anchor Collegiate in particular.  A few days ago, I was speaking to a potential client’s mother. Her son, a Junior in High School, Jeter*,  told his mother he didn’t need a college counselor, because “Vanderbilt wants me.” Jeter had been receiving post cards […]

The Case for Treating All Interaction as an Interview

Recently, I was honored to represent a small, highly-selective, liberal arts college at a College Fair.1 Accompanying me was a young client, who was going to use this opportunity to speak with some representatives of other colleges who would also be present at this fair. Addison2 is a bright, lovely senior with great college applicant […]

The Case for Return on Investment

A few years ago, I was touring some colleges with two HS students. Girls who had exceptional academic credentials were well spoken, conservatively dressed, and beautiful. (Full disclosure: my daughter and niece.) We were touring through Pennsylvania and Western New York State, and had visited some extraordinarily beautiful campuses. Skidmore College, Colgate, Hamilton, Lehigh and […]